Wife and husband, Hronn Svansdottir and Ivar Isak Gudjonsson, started CrossFit Reykjavik in 2009 in a 27m2 garage in Mosfellsbaer (a small municipal in the vicinity of Reykjavik).
Evert Viglundsson,Head Coach and veteran Health and Fitness Professional, joined forces with Hronn and Ivar Isak and in July 2010 the team officially opened the Box in Skeifan 8.
CrossFit Reykjavik moved in August 2013 to accommodate ever increasing number of International CrossFiters thewe moved to our current location at Faxafen 12.
Annie Thorisdottir, Two-Time Fittest Woman on Earth at the Reebok CrossFit Games and a 5 time Games podium finisher, joined Hronn, Ivar, and Evert in 2012.

By increasing your general physical skills you increase your energy levels and quality of life.